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About Us

We Show Up!

Image by Avel Chuklanov
About Us

Who are we?

At BR Framing, Trim & Cabinets, we are a passionate team. We provide all of our clients with quality craftsmanship and strong accountability. We have over 20+ years of combined experience serving General Contractors, Custom Home Builders, and Sub-Contractors; throughout the Wasatch Front of Utah!

Our experience in high-end projects sets us apart from most companies in Utah. For example, some of our employees have personally installed custom cabinetry and built custom bunk beds for three Utah 'Parade of Home' projects, in the past 8-years. 

We value and take pride in our client's projects. Whether we are framing an entire home remodel, installing new residential kitchen cabinets, or installing doors and trim at new home; we have the knowledge and expertise to tackle your jobs!  


We believe long-lasting professional relationships are essential to a company's future success. So we often reach out to our past clients to ensure they were professionally taken care of. We often invite them to a company BBQ or special events to catch up. 


We can tell you we have several years of experience and hope that would allow us to earn your business... OR we can show up! come up with a reasonable solution and provide a budget friendly bid and in return EARN your business. 


At BR Framing, Trim & Cabinets we take it one step further on accountability. We use a software called Co-Construct  ( <-- CLICK for more details). This software allows us to track all aspects of the job, such as job progress, budgets, client messaging, and direct messaging with the Project Management team. We can also upload photos showing the progress. ALL in one, easy to use app!  

Our Mission

We Aim to Provide a Better Trade Service!

We are very fortunate to have a great team of people whose backgrounds and past work experience, all drove them to be apart of BR Framing, Trim & Cabinets. 

Of course we have ALL heard of the horror stories of sub-contractors, contractors, handy-men, and general contractors not showing up to the job sites, skipping town with the down payment and so on..  

ALL of our trades work for BR Framing Trim, and Cabinets. We are fully licensed & insured and have Workman's Composition on all of our employee's. We know that keeping all our trades in-house, and our thumb on that pulse, is important to the success's of your projects. 

Image by Daniel McCullough
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